Music Jobs In Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

Choose from the many available top salary music jobs Vancouver, BC offers musicians seeking employment. Careers in music ranging from full time to part time and permanent to temporary. Keep in mind, not all of the job listings on this page will require having a musical background, playing an instrument, listening to, or reading music.

vancouver music jobs careersEmployment within Vancouver’s music industry contains a good variety of job opportunities for all levels and departments within the companies hiring. The below Greater Vancouver Area music job listings all have one thing in common; the open positions and/or businesses are related to music in one way or another.

Below you will find several resources and listings of music related jobs for everything from: music teachers, music store jobs, music sales, music coordinators, radio jobs, receptionists, admin’s, music directors and more.

Most Recent Vancouver, BC Music Jobs & Careers Available

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Job Location: “Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada”

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Additional Vancouver Music Related Employment Resources (British Columbia)

What Salary to Expect From Music Employment in Vancouver, BC

Depending on the company and position you are applying for, the salary ranges for music related jobs in Vancouver, BC can fluctuate greatly. Expected salaries are anywhere from minimum wage (hourly or fixed salary) to over $100,000 per year (even more for senior level jobs). As well, some positions may require a specific education or certification, while others may not require any training at all.

In some cases, individuals aiming for a career in the music industry will start off in lower level positions and work their way up the ladder. For those who simply want to work within the field of music, getting your foot in the door with the promise of promotions and salary increases is a good start.