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We will cover anything from 60's to current as long as it is not obscure and recognizable. We are largely harmony driven so tend to gravitate to songs that feature good harmony. We will play light or heavy as long as song is good and we sound good doing it. Currently looking for replacement for female vocalist (she moved away ) as this formula lends itself to larger array of potential songs and a rhythm/lead guitarist.

Rehearse once a week - currently Wednesdays. Must be willing to commit to reasonable preparation and be able to work positively within group to achieve best results. Good sense of humor and an "in-check" ego important. We are not world beaters but very much sum of all parts. Looking to gig 8-12 times/year - more if opportunity presents.

Vocals and/or keys also an asset. See link to former line up below. Tall guy in blue / drummer and bass are what we are restarting with.